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Rated 5/5 based on 7 customer reviews
"I am so grateful to the staff at Maccio Physical Therapy! I was experiencing pain from both a shoulder impingement and plantar fasciitis. Now I can sleep, walk and in general get back to life! Thank you so much!"
May 01, 2018
"Was surprised how fast I felt better."
Oct 16, 2017
"I only regret that my rating is limited to 5 stars. I had treatment with Maccio Physical Therapy once or twice before (Hey, I didnt go there to work on my memory). The time before this visit I went primarily for vertigo/dizziness and back pain, and balance problems. I returned this past June 2 primarily for the balance problems and secondarily for the vertigo. I had to go back, not because they did not do a good job. They did an excellent job (they specifically being Amber). I had to go back because I did not make the effort to keep up with my exercises on my own. (If any friends of mine are reading this PLEASE feel free to nag me to keep doing them). The balance problems were definitely causing me difficulties. Up until a little over a year ago I was active in community theater. My friends in the group I was most active with were aware of this and would kindly give me a hand getting off the stage (once a few years ago, getting off stage I lost balance and knocked out a window. They now keep it boarded during performances. I am not sure if they named the board after me). What they may not have realized was that sometimes it was difficult just standing on stage for any length of time if I had to look out at the audience. A few months ago I had dinner with a friend at a restaurant. After sitting and chatting for about 3 hours I had an awful time walking when I finally stood up. She was alarmed and I wasn't too pleased myself. It may have taken as much as 10 minutes to get my legs back. So yes, I needed the help. I "graduated" from the program last week (9/6/17). I went anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week. I worked with 2 therapists who area couple of the most professional people I have worked with in any profession as well as being just simply delightful to work with. (Julia and Anastasia)They really worked me during those visits. They clearly knew their field very well and were flexible enough to make adjustments to my routine based on my needs of day. And just as important, they were constantly reinforcing my efforts and any progress I was making. One of them comes from a military family and her instructions had a "crisper" sound to them, but were just as reinforcing. Had a very different impact on me than the "instructions" I got from Platoon Sgt P back when I was in Basic Training long years ago (For any who know me, yes I underwent 6 months active duty with the Army Reserves which was a college co-op job. And yes, this gentle person you know was trained to become a "killing machine" for his country. But don't worry, it wore off after a few months). But I digress. That my months with Joe Maccio and company paid of was reflected in the before and after scores of tasks they had me do in June and again iast week, and on my own ratings of how I functioned then vs now. On the scale which measures balance, for example a minimal level of " Detectable Change" at the 90% Confidence level is 9 points (which if I remember my statistic means a 9 or more point change has a 90% likelihood of being greater than what would happen just by chance), my inital score was 40 out of 80 (highest degree of balance) and the final score was 71 which, they tell me, is far greater than 9. . I have observed other therapists at work and they all have these positive qualities. They are not just "trained" they are educated in the field. Many, including the ones I have worked with have gone through a 6 year program which includes an internship and have their doctorates. So as I said, sorry to be limited to 5 stars."
Sep 13, 2017
"Thank God! My pain, swelling and stiffness is gone from one simple exercise, but most of all, thank Maccio PT."
Aug 21, 2017
Jul 13, 2017
"I completely got my body back in order after having my second child. Maccio Physical Therapy gave me the best directions for taking care of my body now and it will definitely help me to avoid pain and problems in the future."
Jun 23, 2017
"I had sciatica and was recommended PT at Maccio. All of the staff were extremely helpful and courteous. Topnotch customer service. The physical therapy itself was very effective in mitigating the symptoms. They explained in clear lay terms what may be causing the problems and how the prescribed exercises would help. The instructions were easy to follow and when an exercise didn't quite work They were quick to figure out a more effective exercise. The therapy sessions felt tailored to my specific situation and their problem solving approach seemed logical and made sense to a layperson like myself."
Apr 10, 2017