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Original Testimonial
When I first came for McKenzie physical therapy I was discouraged with my prognosis. After 17 years of back problems - 4 epidurals, 1 surgery, multiple courses of PT, I wasn't so sure anything would help. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Spine Center referred me to a McKenzie Certified clinic. After 5 visits with Joe, I'm not quite so discouraged. I might say I'm a bit optimistic about my future. I'm still skeptical, but hopeful. Thanks to all the staff.

Gina - Update
I could not believe I could continue to keep my back pain away after all I'd been through. Joe Maccio gave me mylife back. After seeing Joe three years ago I have not had one problem with my back. If you have back problems I urge you to see him to try to avoid invasive procedures, I only wish I knew about him sooner!

For over a year and a half, pain from sciatica had been bothering me by lodging in a spot near my knees and lower back. This made sitting all day at my computer desk almost unbearable. At home, the pain would wake me up in the middle of the night or keep me from falling asleep. Getting comfortable was seemingly impossible.

I went to my primary care physician who prescribed high doses of ibuprofen, which really did not touch the pain. I visited my chiropractor who did his usual spinal manipulations which helped for a very short while. I sought relief at my acupuncturist whose treatment lasted the longest at keeping my discomfort at bay. But, despite their good intentions, the pain and discomfort returned. Over the years, I had heard of the McKenzie method of physical therapy but was unsure of how it was different from other forms of physical therapy, not having had any personal experience of either form. However, I had read some testimonials from people who had received treatment with the McKenzie Method and found it helped them.

Consequently, my interest was piqued when an article appeared in a local health magazine highlighting the Maccio Physical Therapy group, who specialize in the McKenzie Method. I quickly made an appointment and now I am very happy that I did so. From the very first appointment, I was assured that I was in good hands. My therapist was soon able to pinpoint the problem area after a series of diagnostic movements. The exercises she prescribed were immediately helpful in reducing the pain. As the sessions progressed, the pain nearly disappeared completely, much to my delight. I am sleeping much better and not waking up to the pain, allowing me to enjoy my days with freedom of movement. I have even joined the YMCA with the expectation of participating in all of the exercises which had previously seemed a distant dream.

I am very appreciative of the caring and friendly atmosphere of the office and am very grateful for the expertise of my therapist whose dedication guided me to a pain-free life.

Thank you! - Lynn

"I suffer from RA and it had restricted my use of my lower back and hips. There were many times I was unable to lift myself from a sitting position. After about 2 weeks working with the staff from Maccio PT, I began to get up without much pain. After about 6 weeks, I was not having any problems getting up or down anymore. I would like to thank my doctor for taking the time to not load me up with drugs and instead reach out to the Maccio group for help in making me comfortable. They have done a fantastic job working on my issues and have given me instructions on how not to get into that situation again. Thank you ALL!"

Cheryl, 2014

"After having triplets, my body went through many changes. Over time, pain throughout my back was a daily occurrence. The pain prevented me from participating in lots of different activities and increased with sitting or lying. A friend referred me to Maccio Physical Therapy, where I was able to be a part of helping myself. I was shown activities and movement patterns to practice when not in session, which was very helpful. I was able to see the progress and decrease my pain with their help. The approach at Maccio PT worked so well to improve my posture and allow me to resume my daily activities. The staff was also very knowledgeable and patient. Thank you!"

Amy, 2014

"I ruptured a disc in my lower back after exercising and I had immediate pain that actually kept worsening. I lost most motion moving forward and experienced pain sitting, standing, walking, and even sleeping! I was treated by Joe Jr. who quickly identified the problem and started with a treatment that did not include medication. After about 3-5 days I had significant improvement and after about 3 weeks I was back to 90-100%. I was able to resume with my normal exercise routine. I was so happy to have a sustainable method to deal with my injury without the need for medication or surgery. It was hard for me to imagine, with the degree of pain I was experiencing, that I would be able to avoid surgery. But, sure enough, I was cured with only 5 sessions with Joe Jr."

Henry, 2014

"In September of 2010, I got up one morning, got into the shower and my hamstring from the top of my left gluteus to the top of my left calf spasmed so badly that I fell to the floor. I went to my general practitioner who wanted to x-ray my spine. He called in a sports medicine doctor who said that it was a straight forward hamstring strain. I was sent to a physical therapist. I went for about a month with no relief from my pain. I fell down a flight of stairs and fractured my leg (Tibial Plateau Fracture with Displacement). I was sent to a different physical therapist to work on the healed fractured area. During this time the pain in my hamstring persisted, even worsened, the pain was worse than the fracture.

In April of 2012, my orthopedic surgeon sent me to a doctor to see if a "Platelet Rich Plasma" injection would help me. The doctor told me that the affected area was too large to be healed by this method. He x-rayed my spine and hips and told me I had arthritis in my lower back and hips. This is when I was referred to Maccio Physical Therapy.

During my first appointment, Deb asked the magic question. 'Does it hurt more when you cough or sneeze?' I told her that's when it's the worst. She said, 'It's your lower back, not your hamstring.' Within a month of doing the lower back exercises to centralize my pain was gone. After years of getting nowhere and having professionals look at only my hamstring I was able to sleep through the night, get out of my car without crying out, and dance again.

I honestly thought I would never be without that terrible pain.

I was so impressed and grateful; I gave out cards to anyone who had back issues or hamstring issues. Now that I have read the material and gone through the therapy myself it makes perfect, sound sense how this method works.

I looked forward to every appointment rather than dreading it as I did with the other methods. I could feel myself improving each time. The people here knew my name, always accommodated my strange schedule and made me feel at home.

I'll never forget what Deb said to me during my first visit. 'You will dance again.' And I did, I am, and I never thought I'd see that day. Thank you so much, Deb and Everyone!"

Michele (Belly Dancer)

"I have had back pain on and off since 2007. It got really bad in the fall of 2011. I started going to a chiropractor two times a week. This helped for a little while. He didn't feel I was making enough progress so I had an MRI. I was diagnosed with a slipped disc. I then had to go see another orthopedic doctor. I then started PT with a physical therapist and I went there two times a week for four months with little improvement. I was headed for steroid shots or surgery until a friend recommended to my mom I go to somebody who specializes in the McKenzie method.

We called Maccio PT and have been very impressed. We live 2 hours away and Mr. Maccio talked to my mom on the phone for about 1/2 hour before we scheduled my appointment. The office staff was very nice and accommodating. When I came to my first appointment, my pain level was an 8-9 with pain going down my left leg. Mr. Maccio spent a lot of time working with me.

When I left, the pain was out of my leg. After 2 weeks of doing the exercises, the pain has stayed of my leg and my pain level is 1-2. I am only 16 and thought I was done with sports and dance. There isn't anything I can say to thank them for everything they have given back to me. I am going back to my first dance class in five months. I would recommend them to anybody who has any back pain."


"I cannot thank you enough. I never imagined that I would be out of back pain. I had been suffering with it for so long I believed that was the way it was going to be for the rest of my life. When I was referred to your office I did have doubts. I had supposedly seen a McKenzie therapist before- boy, was I wrong. The methods you used were definitely more involved. You and your staff were all very kind and caring. You have given my life back to my family and me. Thank you!

I had lower back pain on and off for 10 years. The last 2 years I have been in constant pain. I had seen a chiropractor, a neurosurgeon, and a physical therapist and have had steroid injections. With all that, I had little to no relief of pain and it was getting worse. In October 2011 I was told by my neurosurgeon that my only option was to do a spinal fusion. I was devastated. I'm in my mid-thirties and had no choices except surgery. I was referred to Maccio Physical Therapy by my sister who works with Mr. Maccio's wife. With some hesitation I scheduled an appointment. After a few appointments I started to get relief: I was amazed. I had a little set back and I started to get discouraged. Mr. Maccio never gave up; he was very patient, kind and caring. The methods that Mr. Maccio taught were very different from the prior treatment I had. He has given me the tools so I can control and manage my back pain myself. This is the greatest feeling of accomplishment. I just want to let other people know that you always have options, and should always get more than one opinion before making a major decision such as surgery. I am so glad that I did."


"When I came to Maccio, it had been more than two years since my back surgery - and I still hadn't recovered. I reherniated the same disc I had surgery on and I was in so much pain I could not sit for the length of a movie. My surgeon told me to 'Cultivate couch activities' and said I should give up on skiing and hiking - my favorite pastimes. I asked him if physical therapy would help, and he said it was useless. But I couldn't bear the thought of never hiking again, and it hurt too much to even walk up a paved hill. When my cousin said the McKenzie Method worked for her, I gave Maccio a call...and in less than a month I can move again! I went to movies and actually enjoyed them instead of getting up to stand in back. I started running again. Finally, I went on a 24-hour road trip and faithfully did my stretches at every rest stop - and my back never hurt! Now, I'm slowly increasing core strength and I intend to return to hiking slowly and carefully, but with the confidence of knowing that the McKenzie exercises will immediately be able to resolve any pain I feel. These exercises have given me back my life."


"In August of 2010, I was in a car accident and experienced bad pain in my lower back. I was referred to a neurosurgeon by the emergency room. After X-Rays, MRIs, and CT scans I was sent to physical therapy. By December, I was no better. My primary doctor sent me to a chiropractor. I felt relief from that for a few hours after the appointment but by the evening, my normal back pain returned. I went back to the neurosurgeon in May of 2011 and said the pain was still there and now radiating down my leg, and something needs to be done. I was told that I should try steroid injections. I had a CT scan after the injections didn't help either and was told I needed a spinal fusion. I saw my primary doctor again and she referred me to a second neurosurgeon who said surgery wouldn't help. After a weekend of complete confusion, I asked my primary to send me to a third neurosurgeon for one last opinion. He said surgery wouldn't help me and said I needed physical therapy again. I was skeptical since I had already tried it for five months and it did nothing for me, but I went anyway. I called Maccio Physical Therapy and had an appointment the same week. After two days, the pain in my leg was gone and after three weeks of the McKenzie Method, I am close to having my normal life back with my two-year-old son! I'm so grateful I went for a second and third opinion! Maccio has really helped me to get my quality of life back to what it was last spring!"


When one of my kidneys was removed because of cancer I could no longer take the anti-inflammatory medications I had used for avoiding pain due to arthritis in my spine. Several doctors recommended pain medications that would preclude my driving or operating machinery and therefore cause a complete change in the way I live. Other doctors prescribed physical therapy which I had tried without success. I found Joe Maccio's clinic on the McKenzie Method website and soon afterward I began treatment.

The McKenzie Method is simple. The exercises are not the kind of thing I had expected to find based on past experiences with physical therapy. Joe introduced me to an easy, comfortable, end effective method of improving my physical abilities and controlling pain without my having to use medications which would force me to change my lifestyle. Based in my experience, I advise anyone whose doctor recommends the McKenzie Method to follow that advice. I can report that people at Maccio Physical Therapy were kind, caring, and professional in all aspects of my experience at their clinic. I am nearly pain-free and I am able to do many of the things that bring pleasure and satisfaction into my life. I take particular pleasure in thanking Joe and all of the staff at Maccio Physical Therapy for enabling me to continue in a productive and comfortable life.


First of all, I would like to thank my doctor for suggesting physical therapy to eliminate the pain in my left leg which was getting worse each morning and also keeping me awake when the pain surfaced at 3 AM. This pain in the leg was somehow connected to the low back pain which I thought I had to live with. After 10 or so sessions of physical therapy at Maccio Physical Therapy, I am a new person. With help, I am now able to climb stairs easily one foot after the other. The low back pain is gone as well as the leg pain. I was guided through exercises using my core body which improved my walking greatly. I feel very good now and would recommend Maccio for anyone needing physical therapy. Incidentally, I am 83-years-old but now I feel like a new 60, pain free!


I came for back and leg pain from spinal stenosis and the pain was so bad, I couldn't even walk. I was helped by Ruth and Joe and what they gave me to do really helped lessen my pain. If I hadn't had physical therapy, I would probably never be able to walk without a walker or cane again. Thanks to these people, they were really great and got me back on my feet again.


Before starting physical therapy, my mobility was limited, and I spent much of my time lying down. This very much limited my physical work, remodeling, construction, etc. Nothing prior to PT worked, as I had injections in my SI joint and L4-L5 joints in my back. They had no effect and were expensive! I had no more than 20 minutes of relief after chiropractic adjustments. The only positive treatment has been PT. I had stopped taking any pain medication and my blood levels are back to normal. I can't tell enough people how professional and helpful physical therapy has been.


I began the McKenzie Method of physical therapy on May 14th, 2010. My primary physician recommended that I do this to alleviate the back and leg pain I was having from degenerative disc disease. My pain level was at a 10! I learned about the centralization techniques to get the pain out of my leg and into my back. After only 8 visits, I had completely centralized and I was pain-free! This technique will now be part of a new lifestyle for me.


I could not sit, I could not stand nor walk without a helping hand--all bent over with awful pain. I thought I'd never walk again. There was treatment abroad known as PT--Good for the young, but not for me. 'Not so, not so,' said my new friend Joe. 'Just do as we say and you'll be good to go.' Knee pulls and leg stretch and time on the stim. Fancy machines and rocking and bends. Over and over, it was always the same. 'Til one fine day, I ditched the cane!. So while PT's an option for the young and the bold. Thank God it is here for we who are old!


After two years of recurring back episodes, my primary physician urged me to try Maccio Physical Therapy. After a very short time, I've experienced a relief I haven't had in quite some time. However, the aspect of my rehab that really makes me happy is knowing I have the tools to control my back pain if it ever comes again. Great, friendly, knowledgeable staff!


For the past 6 weeks. I've been undergoing physical therapy with Maccio. Since this treatment I have stopped taking pills because I can use stretches to subside the pain. My quality of life both physically and mentally have improved over the last six weeks. I've been suffering with this pain for five months now and I feel that I'm having great results with this physical therapy!


As I have never gone through physical therapy, I was pleasantly surprised to find that now I can do all my normal routine daily activities. Following my exercises each day, I found the pain lessening each day until it was gone! I will continue the recommended exercises as Joe Jr. mentioned to avoid any further problems. Hopefully I will be able to get on with my life thanks to Joe.


In first coming to Maccio PT, I was in a lot of pain doing everyday things that were necessary to function such as sitting, standing, and sleeping. After being hit by a car, my lower back really crippled me. Progressing through physical therapy, my back became better, but my hip began to become very uncomfortable. This was discouraging, but Maccio PT kept the mood and motivation high. They didn't give up and now the problem is fixed! Now I feel much better and I am working to get my strength back and resume my previous active lifestyle.


My doctor had prescribed pain medication that did not work and I had the option to do pain management or physical therapy. When I first came for physical therapy, I had my doubts that it would work. My pain was so severe I couldn't sit or sleep. Some exercises worked great, others did not. Once we found the exercises that would help, I couldn't believe the changes! I was able to sit without any pain and my walking is comfortable again. I'm so happy I went with physical therapy, I never thought I'd be pain-free again and the exercises worked unbelievably well. I would definitely recommend Maccio Physical Therapy.



"I knew there was something wonderfully different about the Maccio Physical Therapy clinic from my first appointment. I'd been suffering from intense, persistent pain throughout my head, neck, back and arm for over a year. An injury had caused severe nerve impingement and dislodged discs in my upper cervical spine, leading to stenosis and associated nerve damage. I sought treatment from several different types of doctors - chiropractors, neurologists, surgeons, pain management specialists, acupuncturists - and found that no one could offer me real answers or relief. The pain had become so intense and constant that I was barely able to function in everyday life. I became depressed and hopeless, being told that the only option was pain management through injections or possibly a surgery with limited success. The injections only lasted a few weeks, after which the pain, numbness, headaches, vertigo and muscle spasms would come back with a vengeance. There seemed to be no help for me, and I was accepting that I may somehow have to learn to deal with it for my entire life.

A coworker of mine knew of the Maccio Physical Therapy clinic and encouraged me to try it out. I am eternally grateful that I did! At my first appointment, Joe Jr. took the time to truly listen and understand my symptoms. He then did a thorough exam, but it was unlike any that I had previously experienced. Through dynamic movements and spinal manipulation, he was able to exasperate or relieve my symptoms instantly. Based on my response, he was able to identify and explain the problem more clearly than any other doctor I had seen. It seemed to me that he understood the spine and associated mechanics better than any of the 'experts' I'd previously visited. I was cautiously hopeful as he told me with confidence that the problem could be fixed with regular, simple dynamic exercises - the McKenzie Method.

I diligently did the exercises, which were quick and easy to fit into my busy schedule. The routine was but a minor inconvenience - far less inconvenient than the horrific pain I had been experiencing. I saw tremendous progress very quickly, within weeks I had extended periods without pain - something I hadn't experienced in months. Joe Jr. adjusted my routine as my symptoms changed and my pain localized, and I increasingly believed I'd found true healing through the McKenzie Method.

Within three months, I was rarely in pain and when I was, I could quickly and effectively reduce symptoms with the exercises. I feel like I have my life back! I am so very grateful to Maccio Physical Therapy for giving me the tools to heal my own body. I tell everyone I know with any sort of joint problems of the wonders of this quick and effective approach. It amazes me that this isn't the first treatment I tried to address spine problems, because it is truly the most phenomenal treatment I've ever encountered. I would turn to the McKenzie Method to address any issue that arose with pain or body mechanics, and Maccio Physical Therapy would be my first stop! I cannot say enough good things about my experience there. The staff is warm, welcoming and prompt. The care is thorough, professional and incredibly effective. The appointments were always on time and never felt rushed. Their goal is to equip you with the tools to heal yourself - something truly rare in a system designed to keep you dependent as a patient.

I strongly encourage anyone with back, neck, or head pain to try this approach, even if it seems like nothing will be able to help. Perhaps this is the one treatment that will give you back a full and pain free life - it certainly was for me.


" I began physical therapy due to headaches, numbness and neck. When physical therapy was recommended, I was hesitant. I did not want to waste time and co-pay to have a warm pack placed on my neck and maybe some exercises. I had never been to physical therapy, Maccio PT was recommended by a friend.

It worked out very well for me. I was evaluated each visit, taught exercises, and had some hands-on maneuvering of my neck. It seemed to me to be a combination of physical therapy and chiropractic treatment.

I am headache and pain free now, but have exercises prescribed for if these issues come back. I am able to read and work at a computer comfortably now. The staff was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and timely. I would recommend Maccio Physical Therapy and would return if necessary. I really appreciated the text message reminder the day before my appointments. Thank you."

Carol, 2014

"My name is Chelsie and I am 15 years old. About 2 months ago I began coming to Maccio Physical Therapy for my neck. For over a year I was having severe neck pain that was keeping me from doing sports and just everyday things. Joe and Amber showed me specific exercises to do relieve my pain. For the last 2 months of being here and doing those exercises, my pain is much better and is now barely there. I might come back a little once in a while but now I know what exercises to do to relieve it. Now I'm back in MMA and I'm able to exercise without any pain. I am so happy I was recommended to come here by my hairdresser because everyone is very nice here and physical therapy has helped me tremendously."

Chelsie, 2014

I started having neck and shoulder issues in 2006. After the tightness and instability of my shoulder started impacting me daily, I ended up getting shoulder surgery for an enlarged shoulder capsule (from softball pitching). After being cleared to start exercising again, the tightness in my neck still remained. I started going to PT on and off, but nothing seemed to change. So I stopped going for three years - still experiencing tightness every day. I never thought it would get any better, but made the decision to try to get rid of the tightness again anyway. My doctor referred Maccio Physical Therapy and within the first few sessions I already started seeing drastic changes until the tightness in my neck was gone. It is amazing because I thought the constant tightness was something that I would have to deal with every day for the rest of my life. Thank you!

Sam R.

I have been in constant pain for over 10 years due to trauma to my neck. Pain and reduced mobility affected everything I did. Under the care of a neurosurgeon, I began injections in the disks to reduce swelling and relieve pain in my neck. I met Joe at a health fair at just about the same time. The injections seemed to cause more pain so I stopped going for the shots after the second round and kept with the physical therapy. I now am pain free and have more mobility that I have had in years.


When I first visited Maccio Physical Therapy, I was suffering from headaches and an aching lower back. I had been involved in a car accident a week prior to my visit and my body still had not recovered from the tossing is sustained. I came to see Joe because I was referred by a doctor friend in Chicago - Joe practices the McKenzie method and teaches patients to care for themselves. I liked being an active partner in my recovery. I am now headache free. My lower back doesn't hurt. I am mindful of my posture and have tools to practice if I find myself in discomfort. Thank you!


With physical therapy, my terrible headaches have gone! I was really down about them when they told me I was too old for an operation. I am so glad PT was suggested. I was here for the McKenzie Method for my back and it worked. Thank you all so much!



"My recovery from total knee replacement surgery has been nothing short of amazing. Granted, it is hard work but with the encouragement, support and tools provided to me by my therapist at Maccio Physical Therapy, I know I've made far faster progress than other knee replacement patients I've spoken with that went elsewhere for therapy. At 5 weeks after surgery, I have 0 to 120 degrees range of motion, I haven't used a cane for the last 2 weeks, and my continuing recommended exercises show almost daily improvements in my strength. Having total knee replacement surgery is a tough and painful decision, but the improvement to my quality of life is already significant, and I look forward to more progress. I can't thank Amanda, and the rest of the very friendly staff at Maccio Physical Therapy, enough for helping me through this."

Terry, 2014

My name is Paul, a recently retired worker, having worked over 50 years as a farm laborer and over 43 years with the United States Postal Service, mostly working standing on my feet. I am also an avid hiker (Adirondack 46'er), avid bicyclist, and I am generally physically active. I have suffered chronic knee problems over the last few years introduced by overuse and arthritis. I've sought help with my regular doctor and was given cortisone shots that provided only temporary relief. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon, who after several x-rays and very expensive knee injections that were not beneficial, told me to see him soon for knee replacement surgery, knowing that the surgery is only about 50% successful and desiring to remain actively caring for my two 90 lb German Shepherd dogs.

I sought alternate treatment with Maccio Physical Therapy. Debra Rutledge and Intern Therapist Sierra Knowles introduced me to McKenzie Therapy and directed my self- treatment for several weeks. Now I am actively hiking again, hiked Slide Mt., the Catskills highest peak, and Buck Mt. in the Adirondacks. I am extremely grateful to all at Maccio Physical Therapy for providing me with a self help regimen that has proven beneficial to my health and general well being!


When I first started therapy, I was ready to quit my job and just give up on all activities that involved using my left hand and arm. I was in such severe pain that I thought I would need pain medication and surgery. Who would believe that all I had to do was stretch and exercise the muscles in my neck and shoulders! In a couple of months, my pain was nil and my posture had improved significantly! Thanks to all.


I was diagnosed with a shoulder impingement which caused loss of range of motion in my elbow from an injury many years ago. Upon completing PT, both conditions are vastly improved thanks to a series of simple, quick exercises. I think the underlying conditions were accurately diagnosed and the treatments effective. I was relieved I will not have to resort to more radical treatments, like surgery. I addition, I was advised of corrections and modifications to my free weight workouts, this has improved the safety and efficiency of the training.


I've suffered from plantar fasciitis for two years. The worst time of day was always getting out of bed and I'd hobble around for 15-20 minutes until the pain subsided. When I went to an appointment with Joe Maccio for a separate issue, I mentioned my plantar fasciitis and how frustrated I had become with the persistence of the condition. Joe gave me an exercise to do each hour and one day later, I was got out of bed with no pain. Relief finally! Thanks!



When I first came to physical therapy I was falling on a regular basis over a period of about 6 months. This had significantly altered my ability to function and I was very apprehensive. After completing my physical therapy, my balance and stability have greatly improved and my scores have increased by 79%. This has resulted in a renewed confidence in my ability to walk and carry on in my daily life.


After a recommendation from my physician to Maccio Physical Therapy with a diagnosis of vertigo, I am happy to say I am absolutely satisfied with the results. I was given an appointment the same day, tested and treated. At the second visit, my dizziness is completely gone! I would highly recommend Joe Maccio and his associates for their expertise, professionalism, and personal concern to the patient.


When I came here I was very unsteady on my feed due to vertigo - and I though nothing could improve it. Now, after coming to Maccio's, I can do many things without becoming disoriented. In fact, my goal is to be able to play golf this summer! Thank you for getting me back my life like it was before!