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The McKenzie Method - Specific Movement Testing

In the McKenzie approach to mechanical spinal and extremity disorders, evaluation and treatment are based on a thorough history and movement testing. Mechanical therapy is more beneficial than traditional therapy because it involves an active treatment approach that empowers the patient to self-treat.

This method not only provides education to the patient about what causes his or her pain, but also what activities the patient currently does that contribute to their pain.

Mechanical therapy is also highly cost effective, using fewer treatments while educating the patient on how to self-treat and prevent future episodes.

It provides an evaluation tool to determine if the patient's symptoms will benefit from mechanical therapy or if they should be referred for further testing.

Derangements of spinal or extremity joints are a key factor in the McKenzie Method. As there are no known medical tests that would indicate the presence of a mechanical derangement within a joint, our goal is to determine whether or not a derangement exists and if it is the cause of pain. Typically, derangements are rapidly reversible and major changes in patient symptoms and movement have been noted.

Maccio Physical Therapy is the only Certified McKenzie Spine and Extremity Clinic in New York's Capital District. Joe Maccio and Joe Jr. are two of only 409 Diplomats of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (Dip. MDT) worldwide.