Certified McKenzie Spine and Extremity Clinic ®

About Us

Maccio Physical Therapy first opened in October 1986, at 243 Hoosick Street in Troy, New York. In 1988, we moved west to 197 Hoosick Street and in 1993, we settled in our current location at 1 New Hampshire Avenue. As we continue to grow and experience countless healthcare changes we keep our focus on providing the best quality care for our patients, while making access to our services easy. We continue to accept same day referrals.

For example, patients often go to their physician's office in a great deal of pain. We are efficient in triaging these acute cases and treating appropriately in order to provide relief. We have continued to keep our clinical skills up to date by following evidence-based practice models and constantly reassessing our treatment outcomes.

In 1996, we became the first clinic to have a Diplomat in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, offering the Capital Region a unique and valuable spinal specialist. A short time later, we became the area's only Certified McKenzie Spine and Extremity Clinic. We have remained an independent therapy center since 1986 continuing to strive for excellent patient relations and outstanding results.